Cooking as an Exact Science

One of my passions in life is preparing good food for friends and family. Recently, I found a cooking show on PBS I really enjoy called America’s Test Kitchen. These folks approach good cooking like good science; every recipe must have a best recipe. When I heard they had come out with a huge cookbook, The Best New Recipe, I had to get one. And it has not failed to impress thus far.

The genius of America’s Test Kitchen is they test, tweek and retest recipes over and over until they all agree they have reached culinary perfection. And they go through this process with over 1000 differenct recipes. The cookbook is also a very helpful technique resource from making a pie, to carving a turkey. Another bonus is their little comments on best food products to use, based on blind taste tests. Best of all their recipes are solid and explanations very insightful. Each recipe is its own lesson in food science. May it bless you like its blessing me!!

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4 Responses to Cooking as an Exact Science

  1. Anonymous says:

    … and blessing ME too!!! 🙂

    – Andrew’s roommate

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    Andrew!! I have been a devoted fan of America’s Test Kitchen for several years, and Tim always teases me about it. I’m excited to discover a fellow fan within the family. We’ll have to talk at the next family get together. Maybe you should bring one of the recipes you perfect. Tim thinks the hosts’ dialogue contains a hidden sexual subtext. Psych majors, geez.

  3. Devin B says:

    I was so inspired, I just picked it up from Amazon. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Andrew Hess says:

    I found the best deal on this book on, especially if you buy more than one.

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