Jason Upton: Racing Ahead in Worship

Recently, I was introduced to an up and coming worship leader emerging on the scene. His music and heart have been ministering to me these last couple weeks. Jason Upton is a thoughtful, God-centered worship leader in both the music he writes and the way he leads. He has several albums out which each show his depth of faith and deep desire for intimacy with God.

I’m drawn to worship leaders that are drawn to God. I look for a heart that gets lost in the presence of God, whose very worship style screams, “Please, come and go with me into the presence of the Lord!! But if you won’t, I’m going anyway.” This is what I long for and see less and less. Worship is about what the Holy Spirit is doing in our hearts and how we are responding. It has so little to do with the songs or leader or music. A worship leader can only lead us as far as he/she has been themselves.

For these reasons, I look up to the pliable heart of Jason Upton. May the Holy Spirit continue to minister through his leadership.


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2 Responses to Jason Upton: Racing Ahead in Worship

  1. Michael says:

    I agree Andrew!

    I’ve been a fan of J Upton for a couple years and also shar your Worship ideas.

    blessings and it is good to read your blogging!

  2. Leigh Ann says:

    I have recently been introduced to Upton as well and have enjoyed what I have heard so far.
    I also share your worship ideas… so true.
    Intimacy with God – so beautiful a desire….
    I have found much of what you described about Upton in Shane and Shane as well – do you listen to them much?

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