The Power of Spiritual Journaling

Recently, I was reading and came across an encouragement to keep a spiritual journal. I quickly dismissed as something I’ve “tried and failed” and continued reading. But then the author began recounting the positive benefits of her experiences journaling. She began to show how the Lord taught her and guided her through her journaling.

I suspect there is much wisdom in purposefully thinking about life questions, struggles and pleasures. I believe many Christians are much better theologians then they live out day-to-day. Journaling is an opportunity for my life to come under the scrutiny of what I truly claim to believe. I’m committed to disciplining myself, for a time, to journal about what is happening in my spiritual life.

Here are some things to get the ball rolling as we journal:

1. Journal about God’s hand in coincidences in your life.
2. Journal about God’s creative presence in your life.
3. Journal about your emotions (mad, glad, sad, dread, dream)
4. Journal about your prayer requests
5. Journal about your praises/thanksgivings
6. Journal about answers to your prayers

I think these will guide us where we want to go with God. What benefits have you observed through journaling?

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