Teacher Appreciation Week

My students surprised me last week with a scrapbook of the school year and gift basket full of some of my favorite things (Pei Wei, Outback steakhouse, Jamba Juice, Bolder chips, books, etc). In the scrapbook, each of my students wrote me a thank-you letter about the year and included their picture. This has meant so much to me as a finish up my first year of teaching. These kids have been a great first class. They have been forgiving when I didn’t know exactly what was going on and they have been an encouragement. We have laughed and learned alot together. I hope I’ve blessed them at least a fraction of how much they’ve blessed me. Surely, if every class is as sweet as this one, I could teach for 100 years!

It’s good to be appreciated!

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One Response to Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. Leigh Ann says:

    That is AWESOME! I am so glad they did that for you. Your new killer hairstyle is AWESOME too! 🙂

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