The Best of 2006

My friend JR just released his “Best of 2006” post on his blog Broken Stained Glass and so I decided why not compile my own “Best List” for 2006. It actually will force me to reflect on what all I did during this past year.

In a sense, I think everyone should make a best list once in a while (whether they feel like publishing it on a blog or not)
Most Entertaining Film: (tie) V for Vendetta; Nacho Libre
Neither of these movies have any real shot of winning any respectable awards or even being named in any critical conversations. But I enjoyed both of them and thats why I watch movies, to be entertained.
Best Book I Read: What Jesus Demands from the World by John Piper
Piper’s newest work is a home run for several reasons. I love how honestly Piper is able to look at the meaning in the Scriptures without fear of what people might think. Several things in this book challenged me, partially because I would be afraid to say it with such boldness.
Runner Up: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan
“This book will make a Traveller of thee,” ~Bunyan’s apology
Can’t emphasize enough the value of reading the old books. The more new books that come out every year, the more we must hold fast to the classic works or we risk losing the great place we’ve come from in the frantic race to say something new.
Best Music Album: Good Monsters by Jars of Clay
Jars of Clay have been hit or miss for me over the years. I’ve loved some of their albums and hated some of their albums. This is one of my favorites.
Best Song: “This is Our God” by Chris Tomlin (Live From Austin)
Easily my favorite worship song this year.
Runner Up: “One” by U2 & Mary J. Blige
Great, old U2 song; Blige’s voice makes it sound like Bono wrote it just for her.
Best Concert Attended: MercyMe/Audio Adrenaline
In the midst of the extreme nostalgia of seeing Audio Adrenaline one last time, MercyMe put on a great show too. It was a lot louder then I expected, considering most of the audience were middle-aged women (go K-LOVE!) and their husbands (whom they had obviously dragged along). I must say this was a huge step down from seeing U2 live in 2005, but my concert budget just couldn’t stretch for a trip to New Zealand for U2’s 2006 tour.
Biggest Discovery: MySpace & Facebook
I can’t remember life before these two huge time wasters. But I must admit it is a ton of fun finding friends (old and new) and keeping in touch through pictures, messages and other craziness. The only negative; there seem to be hundreds of psychopaths who want to be friends with me. I don’t want to meet new people on these sites; I want to keep in touch with people I already know.
Best Television Show: Total Hours Spent: House
When you’re free time comes in chunks (like say during snow days), there is nothing which threatens that time more than TV on DVD. In 2006, I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed both Seasons I and II of House in their entirety. I enjoy the writers’ wit and the distinctives of each character.
Best Television Show: Most Entertaining: The Office
I’ve been avoiding The Office for awhile now, because of it cultish following among my friends. But my brothers finally got me into it and, for now, I’m hooked. What will Dwight use his gaydar on next?
Best Magazine: Christian History & Biography
This is right up my alley. Great historical essays by an impressively well-educated staff of editors and writers. If you like church history, you’ll like this magazine

Best New Toy: Canon SD600 Digital Camera
I love living in the age of technology and I love when my students give me giftcards to BestBuy for Christmas. I quickly used to them to buy my very first digital camera, after doing my homework on CNet first. CNet had nothing but good things to say about this little Canon. I’m feeling more like a photographer everyday 🙂
Best Use of Time: Life of Jesus; Church History to the Reformation
So far, this list has a lot of my favorite ways to waste time. To balance things out, here’s a positive use. I was able to successfully finish a couple of classes at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary through their SemLink program. I saved money, I learned, and I’m closer to finishing this huge degree that seems to be taking forever.
Best Decision: The best decision I made in 2006 was to put off moving to seminary a year and live with Lou and Cathy Rozmiarek. There hospitality and friendship, coupled with a new batch of students at school have been such a blessing. I’m so thankful for God’s goodness to me through his saints and provision!
Wow, 2006 was a year of great things. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2007!!
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2 Responses to The Best of 2006

  1. skattebo says:

    AHESS! I miss you friend! I love your best of 06 list and my biggest agreement with you is The Office- I watched the whole first season over Christmas break and was like “Can we watch the next disc??” My family thought I was crazy!
    Wanna watch it sometime?? What’re you doing tomorrow night?
    do you read your blog comments that often…?

  2. betadance says:

    2006??? That is SO last year! Blog more!!! The public demands more Hess!

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