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 One of the great things about the Ipod is the Ipod on commute.  This semester, I’ve been spending more time in my car commuting to Denver Seminary each week.  My Ipod allows me to listen to music I like without annoying commercials on radio stations.  If video killed the radio star, then the Ipod is taking a chain saw to corpse.  With the emergence of Podcasting, the need for radio is practically history.  Soon only the Amish will be listening…I’ve been able to download sermons for the trek to Denver or even listen to my audio Bible [sometimes I listen to the assigned reading for Israel & her Prophets].  And has been giving me a new Classic Christian Audiobook every month.  In July, they gave me Power Through Prayer by E.M. Bounds.  August, they insisted I take The Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy [yeah, that same Russian genius who gave us War and Peace and Anna Karenina].  September was a great month, the spiritual classic by Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle was added to my Ipod queue.    October, they are giving away Jonathan Edward’s famous biography, The Life and Diary of David Brainerd.At the beginning of every month, sends me an e-mail and its like Christmas on my Ipod all month long.

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