Planet Earth: Television Thats Good For You


I grew up in a beautiful part of the Midwest. I remember autumn as a kid; the changing color of the leaves, apple cider, brisk morning weather and autumn’s climax, Thanksgiving. I think it was at that time, I first recognized and enjoyed the planet we’ve been given.

Several years later, a semester trip to Ireland would push me further to enjoy this great orb we call home. I remember the bus trips through the Irish countryside. I remember the beauty of the ocean at all times of day. I used to walk along the beach and call out to the God who could touch my heart as I saw more of the world he’d made.

Living in Colorado Springs has also played to this love for the planet and its brilliant designer. Its hard not to be taken aback by majestic Pikes Peak and the entire front range. There is something very humbling about standing at the top of a 14er, seeing for miles and considering how few there are closer to the heavens.

Recently, I picked up a new television miniseries completed by BBC (British Broadcasting Company), Planet Earth. In it, they set out over the span of five years and with close to $27 million to capture our great planet. I find it as both awe-inspiring and worshipful. It’s hard not to. This series captures some of the most amazing aspects of our planet, from the animals and their peculiar behaviors to the amazing plants which seem to do just about anything to survive.I think we need to learn to enjoy God in the Creation he’s given us. It is possible to enjoy the beauty of our world without a knowledge of God. But how great it is to know the God who made the Earth and filled it with all kinds of living things for us to enjoy. The more I worship God for the planet he’s given us, the more evidence for Romans 1:20 is confirmed in my heart.

God has so revealed himself in the Creation, that surely no one with be without excuse on the day of judgement. How dark must the cloud of lies be that Satan blinds the hearts of those who remain hostile towards God.Let us press on to enjoy God in the Creation and use tools like Planet Earth to help us see what we otherwise might not.

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2 Responses to Planet Earth: Television Thats Good For You

  1. Braham says:

    I agree bro…God reaches my heart many times in the great outdoors..maybe thats why I love climbing so much…the more that I am out the more amazed I get. It never ceases…like seeing Pikes Peak get its first snow of the season…there is something awe inspiring about that..we do have a big God who cares enough to make this Earth beautiful enough for us to enjoy. It makes me wonder how great heaven will be compared to this…I can’t wait…also I need to borrow that DVD series from you…I have been wanting to watch that.

  2. John says:

    That’s a great point, AHess. Living in Colorado Springs was a daily reminder of God’s power, his beauty and his kindness in sharing a slice of it with us. I remember driving to work and gazing up at Pikes Peak with the low hanging clouds and the snow sprinkles, framed in a bright blue sky. I miss it. Life in a big city like London or New York is quite the opposite. Everyday, I am reminded of the depravity of men, the endless toil, and spiritual emptiness. At least they have good tea and crumpets.

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