Last night, I had the great privilege enjoying the new U23D show at the local IMAX theatre. Not only was it huge, it was in three dimensions.

I’d read enough of the reviews to know it was going to be different then anything I’d experienced. But it blew me away! Comparing it to the Vertigo concert I saw in Denver back in 2005, I’d be hard pressed to find ways the concert was better.


U2 always puts on a good show and U23D was no exception. The angles they were able to capture made me feel like I was on stage with the band throughout the whole concert. This is amazing technology and if it becomes industry standard, concert films are going to become very popular.

If you love U2 or even if you can barely stand them, you’ll simply love this show. It really is an amazing experience.

At one point, I felt like I was watching history unfold. I’d recommend everyone check it out. I don’t usually see movies more then once in the theatre, but U23D will probably be the exception!

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  1. Terryll says:

    Well put, friend. But there was no mention of the stellar glasses you have to wear. Simply amazing.

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