Great Minds Quote Each Other

Renowned NT scholar Craig Blomberg quoted another renowned NT scholar, D.A. Carson, in my Epistles & Revelation class last Thursday.   I thought it was thought provoking:

Unless we think about suffering from the perspective of at least 50 trillion years into eternity, we have not even begun to think Christianly.

There is something very powerful and purifying about thinking about your life in terms of 50 trillion years into eternity.  Not only does it add significance to present sufferings, but it reveals the foolishness of certain forms of entertainment and leisure our culture lauds.  I don’t think we’ll spend time in eternity debating with friends which season of the Office was funniest, but I’m prone to just that here and now.

It takes great faith to honestly view our lives in reference to eternity, but what rich rewards await those who do.

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One Response to Great Minds Quote Each Other

  1. Craig Blomberg says:

    Well, maybe one OK mind quotes one fabulous mind. But then I guess that’s what students are to say of their former profs and mentors!

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