My Utmost For His Highest: August 15th

The Evidence of the New Birth
You must be born again —John 3:7

The answer to Nicodemus’ question, “How can a man be born when he is old?” is: Only when he is willing to die to everything in his life, including his rights, his virtues, and his religion, and becomes willing to receive into himself a new life that he has never before experienced (John 3:4). This new life exhibits itself in our conscious repentance and through our unconscious holiness.

But as many as received Him. . .” (John 1:12). Is my knowledge of Jesus the result of my own internal spiritual perception, or is it only what I have learned through listening to others? Is there something in my life that unites me with the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior? My spiritual history must have as its underlying foundation a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. To be born again means that I see Jesus.

“. . . unless one is born againhe cannot see the kingdom of God ” (John 3:3). Am I seeking only for the evidence of God’s kingdom, or am I actually recognizing His absolute sovereign control? The new birth gives me a new power of vision by which I begin to discern God’s control. His sovereignty was there all the time, but with God being true to His nature, I could not see it until I received His very nature myself.

Whoever has been born of God does not sin. . .” (1 John 3:9). Am I seeking to stop sinning or have I actually stopped? To be born of God means that I have His supernatural power to stop sinning. The Bible never asks, “Should a Christian sin?” The Bible emphatically states that a Christian must not sin. The work of the new birth is being effective in us when we do not commit sin. It is not merely that we have the power not to sin, but that we have actually stopped sinning. Yet 1 John 3:9 does not mean that wecannot sin— it simply means that if we will obey the life of God in us, that we do not have to sin.


I found this devotional was very thought provoking this morning.  It is easy to let fake things become our Christianity.  Chambers points to three real markers: Does my knowledge of Jesus flow from my own experience with him?  Do I see the world and my life as under God’s sovereign control?  And do I use God’s power to stop sinning?

Three questions which will expose the heart for what it is.  Am I imitating the Christianity I see lived out around me or is my faith growing for a seed planted in my own heart?  Personally, I find these words challenging.  I want an authentic, growing relationship with Christ; I want to live as a faithful steward in the King’s absence;  I want to know the power of God to destroy the works of sin in my life.

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2 Responses to My Utmost For His Highest: August 15th

  1. Kent Eilers says:

    Thanks Andrew for posting these reflections on Chambers. One of my first reactions was “how?” So many of my interactions with Christians struggling with sin (and indeed my own journey) seem to circle back to the issue of “accessing” or “being available to” God’s power relative to our struggles with sin.

    Do you have any thoughts on what that looks like for us? How might believers make actual what you wet our appetite with here: “I want to know the power of God to destroy the works of sin in my life.”

  2. Its just like you read the mind! You could know a whole lot about this specific, like you wrote the book from it or some thing. I think that you can do with some pics to operate a vehicle the communication home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read. I’ll absolutely be back again.

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