The Music Of Josh Garrels


UPDATE: Josh has a new ten song EP out called Lost Animals.  It has some great stuff on it and can be downloaded here:

When I was a student at Taylor, many of my friends and I followed a local musician whose lyrics were as thoughtful as they were faithful.   I always appreciated the reflection Josh Garrels integrated with his faith and  put into his music.

Several years later, Garrels is still making great music and expanding his influence way beyond Marion, IN.  His CDs are now available on iTunes as well as live concert clips on Vimeo.  Josh also has some free mp3 downloads available on his website.

I recommend getting to know his music.  There seems to be so little quality creativity flowing from Christian musicians these days.  Josh is a creative leader and brings something everyone will appreciate.  I recently commended Garrel’s music to some friends and was not shocked with their enthusiastic feedback.

My Favorite Songs:

Zion & Babylon, SISU, Train Song, The Stand, Restless Ones, Freedom, All Creatures, and 107

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One Response to The Music Of Josh Garrels

  1. Adam Lehman says:


    i’m a fellow taylor grad and lover of Josh Garrels’ music.

    i LOVE his stuff and hearing his heart as a pastor is incredible. awesome.

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