Book Review: Just Do Something (Kevin DeYoung)

How do I know what God wants me to do?  Perhaps one of the most confusing questions Christians ask, discerning the will of God often has a paralyzing effect on the decision-making process.  We wait for God to make things crystal clear before we make a move and size it up to “waiting patiently for the Lord” (Ps. 40).

I’m familiar with many of the books on this topic, but Kevin DeYoung’s Just Do Something has become my new gold standard.  It’s what I’ll give people and what I’ll lean on for verbiage on how to explain some of the most difficult concepts.

As the title suggests, many times God leaves us to make a decision and sovereignly works through what we decide.  DeYoung explains God’s will is often made known in retrospect rather than in advance.

“God wants us to stop obsessing about the future and trust that He holds the future.  We should put aside the passivity and the perfectionism and the quest for perfect fulfillment and go on with our lives.”

I wholeheartedly recommend checking out DeYoung’s work.  Westminster Seminary Bookstore has it for $7.80 here.

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