AMERICA: The Story of Us

I recently added this 12-part series produced by the History Channel to my Netflix queue and started watching my way through them. The series follows the major events of American history from the original settlers right up to present day.

I thought it was excellent!  I was one of those rare students who enjoyed my history classes in high school and college and there was plenty for me to learn here.

While it does feel like a documentary, many of the scenes they reproduced were done well.  In the last weeks, I found myself telling my friends some of the historical insights I’ve pulled from this series.  From how Lincoln won the Civil War to the simple invention that shutdown the cowboy’s way of life, I think most students of history will really enjoy this series.

This truly is the story of us.  If I were teaching American history, I would definitely use it.  It is amazing how much as changed in such a short time in this country.

Check it out

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