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Optimize Your Commute

Years from now, historians will look back at our day and observe — among other things — the disproportionate amount of time we spent commuting to work. I’m blessed that my commute is only about 15 minutes each way (depending … Continue reading

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Marriage Preparation Is Heart Work

Are you ready for marriage? It’s that time of year again. People seem to be pairing off like rabbits (at least in my newsfeed). Facebook has been lighting up with pictures of brides and bridal parties, and it is fun … Continue reading

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J.I. Packer on Salvation and Repentence

This may be the best couple paragraphs J.I Packer ever wrote: To the question; ‘what must I do to be saved?‘, the old gospel replies: believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. To the further question; ‘what does it mean to … Continue reading

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40 Resolutions You Should Consider Making in 2014

Not everyone likes making New Year’s Resolutions. What could be worse than setting yourself up for failure once a year? But resolutions can be helpful. We should expect some difficulty when establishing new habits and setting new goals. Success is … Continue reading

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J.C. Ryle on Christian Happiness

The only way to be really happy, in such a world as this is to be ever casting all our cares on God. It is the trying to carry their own burdens which so often makes believers sad … There … Continue reading

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M’Cheyne’s Advice to Pastors

Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s word to a fellow pastor is one we should all heed: Use your health while you have it, my dear friend and brother. Do not cast away peculiar opportunities that may never come again. You know not … Continue reading

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Recommended Devotionals

Here are some of the richest devotional materials I’ve come across.  I think its beneficial to have a devotional work or two to plow through year-by-year.  These Bible-saturated works have worshipfully ushered me into the presence of the Lord time … Continue reading

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